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I have all of the UK videos that have been issued. The first videos produced were in 1996 when Fox started issuing 2 episodes per tape starting with the pilot then following the 1st season showing order. This was stopped after tape 4. When they went on to just issuing the 2/3 part episodes. The first 4 videos were issued in two formats there was the common set available every where and special editions from HMV (a large UK CD and Video Store) which where issued as a two video set in a special box. This had extra artwork and pictures on it. The spine of the boxes was going to spell out The Truth is Out there but these boxes where stopped when the run was stopped and it just reads The Tru…

Fox then went on to issue the 2 part episodes and the myth arc videos. There have been 22 of these now. Some of them have two and some have three episodes per tape. Only one has a single episode, 'The End', which was hurriedly issued when it was realised that most of the UK would not have seen this one before the movie came out. All of these were again issued twice a common version, which all the shops sold, and the HMV version, which is in a different style box. They are card boxes although the artwork is exactly the same as the others. The later HMV ones are also numbered but what number they were limited to I don't know. The lowest number I have is 00013 for Redux. Then came the boxed sets, which are, I think, rather dull. There are currently 9 sets one for each season. 

video.jpg (16161 bytes) Click the thumb nail to see the difference between the ordinary editions and the HMV limited edition tapes.

The original releases

The HMV boxed set contained the exact same tapes.

The numbered "file" videos

HMV special editions



Ordinary editions.


There are two special mail away tapes. Piper Maru which contains Piper Maru and Apocrypha. Dreamland which contains Dreamland parts 1 and 2.

Secrets of the X-Files tapes. Two of these came with the forensic evidence boxes and one was given away free by Woolworth.

Three versions of the Fight the Future movie. The blue one was the box used for the U.K. rental version.

The Truth boxed set.

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