Phone cards

I have several different sets of phone cards.

First is the original set of UK cards. There are 5 of these each card in its own mini folder. The 5 cards are the blue face scream, glowing ball, paranormal activity, hand and Mulder and Scully’s faces divided by a glowing X. The art work on the folders matches the phone cards themselves.

The second set of UK phone cards are all in one folder. There are 5 of these 4 show different episodes and one of both the agents. The 4 episodes are Deep Throat, End Game, Anasazi and Squeeze.

[Phone Cards - UK Season 1]


Then I have an Australian set of cards. These are a set of 4, 3 showing scenes from the show and one of the X Files logo all in one folder. This set is limited to 1000 copies world-wide. Then I have one American card that is a pre paid card, showing Mulder and Scully’s faces.

Two US GLOBALCALL phone cards and two 2 Japanese cards. The Japanese cards are from the movie Fight the Future.  

Set of eight United Kingdom X - FILES phone cards. They are limited to 500 of each card. 

Australian Season 3 set.

UK Cards

More bleedin' junk cluttering the house!

Australian phone card printing proofs.

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