This was a convention organised by UK fans. It was held in Manchester on the 5th and 6th of July 1997. It was totally unofficial and was not sanctioned by the makers of the X-Files in anyway. The main guest was Jerry Hardin, who played Deep Throat, he was there all week-end.

There were signing sessions but the queues were very long. I got my autograph when I was in the main hall waiting for a talk and he arrived early .I also got my photo taken with him. Other guests were Charles Adlard the comic book artist, Kevin Anderson, writer of X-Files novels, Nick Pope who dealt with UFO sightings for the MOD and Jenny Randles an expert on UFO's and other paranormal stuff. The weekend was hot and at times boring although the committee did a good job on trying to organise everyone. There were some things to buy to commemorate the event I have the 8 postcards, a pen and my copy of the events programme signed by Jerry Hardin. 

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I still have my registration badge and the packet of sunflower seeds given out on the first day!

Post Card Set

A set of eight postcards given out at the convention. 


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