Film Cells

The film cells are all in identical packaging and are all numbered as they are a limited edition. Each pack has pictures of the person or episode and brief details. Then inside are 2 film cells protected by a clear plastic casing. You then hold them up to the light to see them clearly (wow isn't technology wonderful).

There are also 2 film cells include in the limited edition lithograph by Jeffery. R. Busch. This is a rather nice montage of Mulder and Scully in 4 first season episodes. These are Pilot, Squeeze, Ice and Erlenmeyer Flask. The two cells you get with this are taken from one of these 4 episodes. They are in one corner of the lithograph and there is a little switch to press that lights them up. You can change the batteries when they run out but you cant change the bulb!!

These are the two film cells from the lithograph.

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