Audio Tapes

There are 11 audio tapes adapted from X-File episodes. 4 adapted from the X-File novels written by K.  Anderson and B. Mezrich. And 3 that closely follow the Unofficial X -Files Companion books 1 and 2.

The 11 episode tapes are:


All these tapes run for 2 hours. Eight of the tapes are taken from the novels of Les Martin; two by Ellen Steiber and one by Easton Royce. They are all read well by Kerry Shale. Next are 4 tapes based on 4 of the X-Files novels. Ground Zero read by Gillian Anderson. Antibodies and Ruins both read by Mitch Pileggi. Skin read by Bruce Harwood. These tapes are two hours long and follow the novels very closely. I now have two more audio tapes Fight the Future movie adaptation read by John Neville and Skin written by Ben Mezrich read by Bruce Harwood.  


  The Unofficial X Files Companion

The final 4 tapes are adapted from the Unofficial X Files Companion by N. E. Genge. There are two tapes from the first book with an overall running time of 6 hours. This is divided into 4 tapes in two boxes. The first is a traditional box and read by Bob Sherman. The second tape is in a larger card box and strangely read by Nana Visitor (Kira from DS9) and Dwight Schultz (Barclay from The Next Generation). The third and fourth tapes are taken from the second and third book of the series and are both read by Bob Sherman.


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